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XTC is dedicated to giving back wherever we can from donating unused goods to local organizations such as habitat for humanity, as well as helping  rescue and provide support to the cats, dogs and children in need in the Dominican Republic. 


Brad along with XTC has been working closely in the Dominican Republic over the last couple years with Kate the organizer of "Youth Upliftment International", to help provide support in any way we can from education to every day supplies needed. 


Kate started “Youth Upliftment International” a non-profit organization to help impoverished Haitian’s. Along with running a primary school, Kate helps children who need medical care, food, a place to live, or just some love.

For further information on Kate's "Youth Upliftment International" organization or to find ways you can get involved and help , feel free to visit Kates organization site.

COVID-19 Relief Donations Update

During a trip to the Dominican Republic, Brad and his wife Kathy had an eye opening experience working with their friend Cori who is a member of the Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic (DCDR). 


Seeing the amount of dogs and cats that are malnourished, homeless and living in terrible situations motivated Brad to start an outreach program to help support DCDR, to protect, save and find Furrrrever homes for these amazing animals.  

Already armed with a love of dogs after adopting their pup, Mexi, from Mexico they became dedicated to helping this organization.



DCDR’s mission statement: 

“Significantly improve the health and well-being of the dogs and cats living on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. This mission is being accomplished"

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